1. Our First Bridal Show

    17 Jan 2020
    Happy Friday to everyone! I wanted to take the time to put together another blog post today to record the events of last weekend and to thank everyone one last time for all of their support, encouragement, and advice. Katie and I had a really great experience at the Pink…

  2. Facebook to Friends

    13 Dec 2019
    Tis’ the season, as they say, and Andy and I are looking forward to celebrating the new year. It may be the Christmas lights glowing at night, or the radio stations playing holiday music - but this time of year can make a person feel nostalgic. The end of the…

  3. Speaking and Teaching

    25 Oct 2019
    The past few weeks have flown by, probably because I’ve done a lot to step outside of my comfort zone! It all started when my former yearbook advisor, Liz, reached out to ask if I would be willing to speak to a group of students attending the St. Louis Zoo…

  4. Memories and Milestones

    16 Oct 2019
    Last week, Katie and I took a drive down to Florida to celebrate a pretty big milestone: my mom’s 60th birthday! This celebration has been planned for a while now, and the drive down was pleasant enough. After we arrived, we wasted no time catching up and celebrating with my…

  5. First Family Photo

    21 Sep 2019
    It’s important to keep a sense of perspective over the course of a journey. Five months ago, when Katie told me she wanted to start taking pictures again, I couldn’t have imagined that we would be here now. It really does not feel like it’s been that long since we…

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